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Making mindful movement accessible is one of our core values, so we are excited to offer virtual online classes that are great if your budget is limited, or if you just feel more comfortable practicing in your own space. Community connection is another one of our values, so we made sure our online memberships come with access to our virtual community where we host live check ins, Q&A, bonus teachings from our instructors, and opportunities to connect with fellow students.

what you'll need

To access our online classes, you will need a computer or smartphone and access to the internet. When you sign up for your membership, you will be given instructions for downloading our app to make accessing the classes easier. Otherwise, all you need is a bit of space to practice in, and any props that you like to use (mat, towel, pillow, block, strap, etc). Click below to browse our shop if you need anything to get you started.

Virtual Online Monthly Membership

Unlimited live online classes + recorded classes

Make mindful movement a regular part of your life with a membership that provides the most value, benefits, flexibility, and fun. Membership includes unlimited classes in studio, outdoors, and online, 3 new class recordings sent to your inbox weekly, access to our full library of recorded classes, a custom app to make booking and participating in classes easy, and an invitation to our online community where we host live check ins, Q&A, and bonus teachings from our instructors.

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