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When my pal introduced me to yoga in my teens I instantly became hooked. I couldn’t believe how deep I could get into my body and soul in an hour class through flowing and breathing. I have now been practicing yoga for over 20 years and still look forward to hitting my mat daily. Yoga brings clarity to my day and I love helping others find that through yoga. I completed my teacher training at Peterborough yoga finally following my heart. I am so happy to guide others through asanas, showing them how strong and capable their bodies are. I love a good vigorous flow and enjoy when students tell me how sore their arms are the next day! When I’m not on my mat I’m with my two girls, trail running in Jackson park or swimming in a lake. I am also a Holistic Nutritionist and love everything health and wellness.

Instagram: @julianaturallyyoga

our teachers

Peterborough Yoga Wellness Centre teachers are kind, supportive, well-educated, and are encouraged to share yoga asana and breathwork practices that are authentic to their passions, experiences and expertise. Each teacher is unique, but they all share the same desire to create a safe, accepting, and fun experience for their students and they look forward to meeting you! See below and click to read our teacher profiles.

200 hour yoga teacher training

Next Session: Sept. 18th - Dec. 11th, 2021

Our Yoga Teacher Training offers you a course to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and embody the ancient wisdom of yoga in a fun and accessible way. Learn from experienced and nurturing instructors and connect with a community of like minded individuals who want to make yoga a bigger part of their lives.