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Kierstin is the proud co-founder of Peterborough Yoga Wellness Centre. She was introduced to meditation at a young age by her parents, but it took her passage through adolescence to bring her to her mat where she fell in love with hot yoga in 1999. Growing up with dance, Kierstin was always thriving when active, and when hot yoga kicked her butt, it opened the door to feeling more emotionally, mentally, and spiritually awakened, and balanced. Yoga also allowed her to feel that amazing connection that she always loved of moving her body.

Kierstin taught hot yoga for 7 years in some of Toronto’s biggest yoga studios before moving to Peterborough in 2010. Peterborough was in need of a hot yoga studio with multiple classes a day, and Kierstin was excited to share this passion of hers, so she took the plunge in 2011 and opened Moksha Yoga.

Kierstin's teaching style is fun, and she shares with a desire to make each class feel comfortable and accessible to all who step onto their mat. In 2011 Kierstin took her first Chakra Yoga class, and has been studying the chakras since then. Her chakra class is close to her heart, and many of her classes bring in the elements of chakra healing, incorporating the spiritual, mental, emotional,  and physical practice of yoga, and how we can grow through acknowledging where we have been, who we are, where we are now, and where we may wish to grow towards.  

Kierstin believes we are all here to learn what love is, and that we are all connected and is excited to get on the mat and move with you!

Instagram: @yoga_kierstin

our teachers

Peterborough Yoga Wellness Centre teachers are kind, supportive, well-educated, and are encouraged to share yoga asana and breathwork practices that are authentic to their passions, experiences and expertise. Each teacher is unique, but they all share the same desire to create a safe, accepting, and fun experience for their students and they look forward to meeting you! See below and click to read our teacher profiles.

200 hour yoga teacher training

Next Session: Sept. 18th - Dec. 11th, 2021

Our Yoga Teacher Training offers you a course to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and embody the ancient wisdom of yoga in a fun and accessible way. Learn from experienced and nurturing instructors and connect with a community of like minded individuals who want to make yoga a bigger part of their lives.